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Through the Lens

Jun 4, 2021

Episode 46 of Through the Lens Podcast is here and today we’re chatting all things exercise + fitness! But don’t shut this off just yet if you’re not much of a fitness enthusiast - we promise there will be some helpful tips in here that we think anyone in grief will find interesting. 

In this episode on Moving Through Grief, we share the connection between fitness + grief, what types of fitness formats are recommended for the griever, and what about when you’re just not motivated?

How about you - are you using movement as a healthy outlet to support your grief journey? For many of us, starting on an exercise regimen after loss can feel uninspiring at best, daunting at worst. On today’s episode, we’re sharing our personal pre- and post-loss fitness journeys, including how our relationships to fitness have changed in light of our grief. 

We also discuss the physical and mental benefits of exercise for the grieving person and share some simple, practical strategies and mindset tips for getting moving again.